Here’s How Women Tap into their Magickal Divine Self, and Start to Manifest a Life of Happiness, Joy & Abundance.

Tired of feeling stuck in your life, constantly self-sabotaging and doubting yourself and your actions, being on the hamster wheel of pleasing people instead of standing up for yourself and living the life you truly want and dream of? 

Create real change in 2023, and stop procrastinating on 

your happiness.

Take control of your life and manifest the life of happiness and abundance you deserve and want.

Change is an inevitable part of it all, and the Great Awakening is upon us.

Being adaptable and open to change, as you become aware of the blocks and limitations in the way of you living on your mission, is scary yet worth it.

Shifting the energy in  many aspects of your life, such as your job, relationship, personal thoughts, beliefs, and overall circumstances creates a domino effect of living a fulfilled, happy life.

So ask yourself…

How long can you suffer in silence and deal with the guilt, shame, and overwhelm?

The guilt of breaking promises to yourself by prioritizing others and living a cycle 

of pleasing people syndrome. 

The overwhelm of trying new things and going back to your old self in fear of what’s on the other side of the life you desire.

Being disconnected with your Higher Consciousness and living from the ego.

The confusion of not knowing what to do and how to change things..

I’m sure that’s not the life you want, yet you’re comfortable living in it.

Looking deeper within your spiritual well being gives you the opportunity to recognize and unlock unconscious trauma, childhood wounds,  societal imprints, parental beliefs and lack mindset, along with hurt, betrayal and past life frequencies. 

You have the power to change your life and create whatever you want.

Rather than live behind the mask.

The world is going through  change, you don’t want to be left behind..

It all starts with one thing, taking action and wanting everlasting happiness. Okay that was two.. WANTING TO CREATE EVERLASTING HAPPINESS,  

is the key here. 

Living a life that gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want can be a very fulfilling 

and empowering experience. 

It allows you to pursue your passions and interests, and to focus on the things that bring you 

joy and purpose.

This involves building a strong foundation for yourself by surrendering to the old self 

and giving permission for the new self to emerge. 

It puts you in a place of knowing how you want to be loved and to love others unconditionally.

Transforming your life can be a challenging and rewarding process, but it is one that can have a significant impact on your happiness and overall well-being.

Whether you are looking to make changes in your marriage, career, relationships with others, or even your relationship with yourself.

There are steps you can take to start the transformation process.

One important thing to remember is that change takes time and effort, and it is important to be patient and persistent in your efforts.

Transforming your life may also involve focusing on your own personal growth and well-being, by working on self-love and implementing ways to shift your life from the ego self

into the Higher Divine Self.

Ultimately, the key to transforming your life is to identify the areas you want to change and take small, consistent steps towards making those changes a reality.

You need to be proactive, set clear goals and priorities, and take consistent action towards shifting your spirit to see your self worth, and value the life you have in happiness..

With patience, persistence, and a willingness to take action, you can make meaningful changes in your life and create the life you truly desire.

That being said, we want to invite you to check out 

The Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Inner Circle.

Specifically designed for women who are ready to break free from their negative patterns holding them back to creating the life of love, laughter and abundance.

Living from a place of Inner Peace, Freedom, Mental Clarity and Knowingness within Herself.

Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures, broadening your horizon and learning more about the world around you.

Having a loving supportive partner who shares the same values, goals as you and accumulates an invaluable source of love and support by speaking your love language. 

Making a living doing work that aligns with your values and passions bringing an extremely fulfilling and satisfying life.

Manifesting a life of luxury, requires you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself by 

challenging the status quo. 

Manifestation involves Healing through the Unconscious Mind that feeds the Conscious Mind. 

Shifting from the Ego into the Divine Spirit that you are..

Shuffling through thoughts, beliefs, old patterns and fears into taking action to manifest the things you want in this life,  shifting your energy and Rewiring your Mindset; from the Old to the New Self.. 

How you speak and think about yourself interferes with your vibration, along with what you allow others to project onto you and what you surrender too.

It may not be as easy as it sounds, yet when you do it with others that are on the same journey, it becomes easier, knowing others are experiencing similarities.

This is a journey, not a race..
The rat race is what got you to where you are now.
You have the choice to change it..

Recognize your self-worth and align with what excites you to get out of bed in the morning, rather than dreading your day.
Become, who you want to surrender yourself too..
Healing, realizing and Processing Life, gives you the Opportunity to Expand on your time, as you receive support, guidance and a dose of cheerleading to keep you going, from the community. 

When you Energetically understand what is happening in your Body, Mind and Spirit, it allows you to shift quicker, by mindfully letting it go, and trusting God, in the process.

The beautiful part of the Inner Circle, is that it will give you a variety of ways to look at life and learn how to heal it the way your soul wants you too.

Learning or Expanding your knowledge on how to connect with your Higher Consciousness and Spirit Guides can be a rewarding and Transformative Experience. 

It involves taking time to Quiet the Mind, Relax the Body, and Open the Heart to Connect with a Deeper sense of Purpose and Inner Wisdom within Yourself.

We are all made up of Stardust and are all connected to some source of Inner Peace, 

Freedom and Abundance. 

Manifestation involves Harnessing the Power of the Universe, and Source Energy to bring about 

your Desired outcomes to Fruition.

This isn’t an overnight journey, as much as it can be.

Walking towards what you want to Achieve in Life and having a clear sense of your Values can help guide your Actions and Decisions as you Identify your values, and  Build a new Character.

As they told us in the airline industry.
Be mindful people are watching you, as if you are on t.v.

It makes you realize you are the author of your life.
Playing the main character.

You’re also the producer and director with the capabilities of editing and deleting scenes and storylines that don’t serve you, as you rewrite them even better the second time around.


We have two portals to enter.

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The Empress Empire

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For the woman that is ready to advance not only her life but her business, or a woman who wants to launch her business and start to live on purpose whatever that means to her.

In addition to The Queen’s Palace…

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– Be A Guest on Podcast (Optional)

DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that all results are not typical. Your results are based on the work that you put forth for yourself. The average person who buys any “how-to” information generally does very little with it and, because of this inaction, gets little to no results. 

Personal and Spiritual Growth entails doing the inner work to achieve the external successes you are seeking from within you.


You must clean, polish and then drink for your thirst to be quenched.
See you on the Inside…